Local chiropractor competes in 100-mile endurance run

On Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 7:00 a.m. one of the most arduous organized events in the U.S., the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run, began in the Laguna Mountains just outside of San Diego, California. The race was along the Pacific Crest, Noble Canyon, and Cuyamaca Trails.

Scott Dubrul, a San Luis Obispo chiropractor, completed the 100-mile course in 26 hours and 55 minutes. He trained for the San Diego Endurance Run for over two years.

To prepare for the race, his weekly training included two shorter runs, about 10 miles in two hours during the week, and one marathon-length run every weekend. This is the third 100-mile race Dubrul has run.

The San Diego Endurance Run attracts runners from all over the world. Runners are chosen from a lottery of over 2,000 would-be competitors. This year’s race hosted approximately 208 participants, with only 82 finishing due to the strenuousness of the race. The race winner finished the course in 16 hours and 59 minutes. Fifteen aid stations were available for the runners throughout the course within the Camp Laguna Recreational area.

During the race, Dubrul sustained his energy in order to complete it on a high-caloric carbohydrate drink and water. Runners usually spend approximately two minutes at each aid station refilling their water, eating random carbohydrates and taking electrolytes.

Support from Dubrul’s family, including his wife, Julie, 8-year-old daughter, Quinn, 4 year old son, Jack, and friends that joined him as pacers throughout the race. Dubrul’s only lingering complaint from the race is his feet: “I felt blisters starting around mile 30, which isn’t comfortable for any runner, much less one who still has 70 miles to go! They’re still a little sore, but I’m actually surprised at how good I feel so soon after the race.”
When asked about competing in this magnitude of a race again, Dr. Dubrul’s response is, “Yes, this will not be my last one!” Apparently he did not learn his lesson.

More information about the Western States Endurance Run can be found at sandiego100.com. You can learn more about Dr. Dubrul and his practice at powersourcechiro.com.