Fitness CAN Be Fun

Members of Conrad’s Boot Camp class grin as they work out.

Local personal trainer teaches how to have fun while getting fit
Sue Conrad entered the fitness profession with the goal of helping her clients realize that fitness CAN be fun! While most people are aware of the health and mental benefits of personal fitness, not as many people approach fitness with the idea that it can be fun. Conrad has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and stays current to the latest trends in the business by attending yearly workshops and trainings.
Conrad wasn’t always a fitness coach. After obtaining her degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University, she worked a variety of jobs unrelated to fitness. In her youth, Conrad participated in gymnastics, softball, and 5k/10k Organized Walks. After moving to California in 1997 she began to participate in 5K/10k runs, long and short distance bike rides, triathlons, and soccer. In 2001, she decided to officially enter the fitness field, and obtained certification as a Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise.
After working at Kennedy Club Fitness for several years as a Personal Trainer, Conrad started providing in-home personal training. For these clients, Conrad brings the necessary fitness equipment such as stability and medicine balls, exercise bands, and weights to each client’s home and designs fitness programs to meet the specific needs of the person she is coaching.
In 2009, Conrad started teaching fitness classes at San Luis Coastal Adult School. They were such a success that she was asked to teach additional classes. She currently teaches a variety of classes at the San Luis Coastal Adult School including Boot Camp, an action-packed workout that includes the use of weights, gliding discs, resistance balls, and medicine balls. Conrad also teaches Gentle Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Pilates, Body Toning, and Cycling classes. She teaches these classes throughout Southern San Luis Obispo County, at San Luis Coastal Adult School, Sunnyside Elementary in Los Osos, Morro Bay High School, and Avila Beach Community Center.
“I enjoy teaching classes at the Adult School,” she says, “It is a great way to reach a wide range of people in our community and give them the benefits of affordable fitness.” While she enjoys teaching her fitness classes, Conrad also reaches out to those clients who are more comfortable one on one with a trainer.
Conrad’s newest certification is as a Tabata Boot Camp Trainer. Tabata is a popular regimen based on a 1996 study by Izumi Tabata. The regimen uses 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles). Conrad’s Tabata Boot Camp will include access to a website where the participants can record their exercise sessions and track their measurements and weight. Conrad will be able to monitor her individual clients as they perform Tabata, Tabata Type and Steady State Training with her, or on their own.
Conrad finds her job rewarding because she can work with clients of all ages and all fitness levels. “Each day is a challenge to me as a trainer,” she said, “I adapt my training to suit my client’s needs. I enjoy helping people achieve their goals whether it is training for a race, losing weight, or having the energy for functional and everyday activities.“
Along with her personal training certification, Conrad is also CPR and AED certified with the American Heart Association and is a Fitness Expert on Expert Village, E-how, Livestrong, YogaFit Level 2, and has recently obtained her Adult Education Teaching Credential. She also has a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certification.
SLO County locals can benefit from Conrad’s expertise and guidance.  She is accepting new clients and is happy to discuss how to best reach individual fitness goals. A full schedule of classes is available on her website at and at Fitness Can B Fun is on Facebook and Twitter @FitnessCanBFun.
Jack LaLanne once said, “Your waistline is your lifeline.” Investing in your health and well-being is one of the best investments you can make.  Why not get started today?
photo credit: Charlotte Rushton of Sandprints Photography